Ajagurajah Challenges Chef Hilda Baci Who Cooked For 4 Days, Says He Will Break The Record

Popular Ghanaian social media personality and spiritual leader Ajagurajah has playfully challenged Nigerian chef Hilda Baci, who recently cooked continuously for over 90 hours in an attempt to break the world record for the longest cooking time.

Ajagurajah, known for his comedic antics, jokingly announced that he would cook for a whole week, adding a touch of humour to the situation.

Ajagurajah’s challenge has sparked laughter on social media, with many people expressing doubts about his ability to match Hilda’s incredible feat.

Many believe that Ajagurajah would likely tire out and break down long before he could come close to Hilda’s impressive record.

Hilda Baci surpassed the previous record of 87 hours and 45 minutes, set by Indian chef Lata Tandon in Rewa, central India, back in 2019.

As of now, the Guinness Book of Records is in the process of reviewing the evidence of Hilda’s feat before officially declaring her as the new record holder.

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