Ghanaian Celebrities With The Most Brand Endorsements

Endorsement is a channel of brand communication in which a celebrity acts as the brand’s spokesperson and certifies the brand’s claim and position by extending his or her personality, popularity, status in society, or expertise in the field to the brand.

In a market with a very high proliferation of local, regional and international brands, celebrity endorsement was traditionally thought to provide a distinct differentiation.

But over the years, many aspiring brands have jumped onto this celebrity endorsement bandwagon. Even though endorsements have taken on a quasi-industry stature.

Celebrities all over the world have huge influences on people. Their influence is often tapped by business entities to partner and achieve set goals.

These partnerships are often expensive depending on the brands involved. From paying for image rights to voice, and video endorsements, brand ambassadorial roles come in several forms.

Talking of Cristian Ronaldo, Messi, Michael Jackson, and several other stars around the world, Ghana is no different from this phenomenon.

In this very article, we look at some celebrities in Ghana with the most endorsement deals.

Nana Ama McBrown

Nana Ama McBrown
Nana Ama McBrown is a household name and is undoubtedly the queen of adverts in Ghana. She is an actress and a TV presenter.

the good sort after Tv personality has partnered with lots of big brands in the country inking her name as one the celebrities with most endorsements.

Mikki Osei Berko

Mikki Osei Berko
Known for his bubbly and comic personality, Mikki Osei Berko affectionately called DadaBoat is also a king of commercials in Ghana.

His creativity and ability to project products and services through his comic character are amazing.

His style and his charisma make him a good sort after in the industry too. Currently, he is partnered with Heaven Insecticide Spray and Coil, Club Beer, MTN, Kabfam Electronics, and others.

Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah
Jackie is one of the giant names in the industry and is a top pick when brands come looking for ambassadors.

Over two decades, she has consistently been used to selling everything from food products to beauty items, to services, and many more.

Her endorsements include Omolewa Cosmetics, Adonko Hand Sanitizer, UB Hair Relaxer, Ghandour Cosmetics, IPMC, Glo, Reggy True Vine, Orca Decor, SussanChannel beauty, Gino, Kleesoft, Perla mineral water, and many more


Loved by many for his hilarious persona, Akrobeto is an actor, comedian, and TV presenter whose ability to intersperse English with Twi funnily is amazing.

The actor has gradually in time built a brand for himself that attracts other brands that seem to share similar qualities.

Akrobeto has these partnerships under his belt, This Way Chocolate Drinks, End Point Homeopathic Clinic, Dr. Caesar Lina Tea, HD Plus, Vodafone, and Delux paint.


Kwadwo Nkansah, known in showbiz as Lilwin is undoubtedly a talented actor and musician in Ghana.

These endorsements deal comes with huge sums of remuneration for the celebrity, however, details of the earnings of each of them cannot be given out.

credit: pulse

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