Check out these Seven interesting things about Dr Likee you never knew; No.3 will shock you

Without a doubt, actor and comedian Ebenezer Akwasi Antwi, also known as Ras Nene or Dr Likee, is one of the fast-rising celebrities dominating the media space, particularly on social media.

Adventurous Ras Nene has some unique traits including his ability to speak and understand seven languages including Kotokoli (Tem), Dagbani, Hausa, Twi and English.

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Let’s cut to the chase and tell you seven facts you probably didn’t know about him.

1. Drug smuggler and other social vices 

Dr Likee started drinking alcohol out of curiosity, and started smoking cigarette butts left at the drinking spot of his auntie, a behaviour he kept until he completed Junior High School at Tafo Assembly.

“I got into alcoholism at a young age when I was helping my aunt in a bar business,” he once said on the Delay Show.

He ventured into tailoring and switched to scrap dealing but after a few years he got introduced to selling different drugs home and abroad.

2. Saved by Kumawood 

Ras Nene gradually moved away from such vices when he started movies. At age 32, he stopped smuggling drugs when he got exposed to acting. “I started focusing on acting more because it earned me a house.”

According to him, the character he plays in movies was influenced by his previous lifestyle.

 3. Why Ras Nene?

He had his nickname Ras because he used to practice Rastafarianism. Later his colleagues named him after one notorious Nigerian by name, ‘Anene in Lagos’ which gradually corrupted to ‘Nene’ hence ‘Ras Nene’.

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Ras Nene, however, changed his brand to Dr Likee after he cut the locks.

4. Relationship with brother Sammy

It’s worth noting that Brother Sammy, aka the nation’s worshipper, shares the same father as Ras Nene.

He revealed this to Delay in an interview claiming he rarely talk about it.

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5. Arrested seven times

Ras Nene has been remanded in police custody seven times for seven different reasons. He appeared before the court in his early 20s and was sentenced twice for smuggling drugs and travelled along the deserts of Libya for his drug business and Togo was no exception.

6. Lost GHC70,000 to galamsey

As the movie industry was collapsing, Dr. Likee ventured into galamsey (illegal small-scale mining) and lost a whopping GHC70, 000.

He was, however, remanded again in police custody for three days because he delayed in paying back GHC50,000 he borrowed from a galamsey investor.

7. The journey to YouTube

Dr LIkee gained much popularity through comedy on YouTube. You’ll laugh out loud when you watch one of his comedy skits below.

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