See Why Parents Want The Curvy Teacher To Be Fired Which Caused A Stir On Social Media

A teacher, often known as a schoolteacher or an educator, is a person who aids pupils in developing their knowledge, skills, or virtues.

Informally, anyone can play the part of a teacher. In some nations, homeschooling is an acceptable alternative to formal education settings like a school or college for teaching children who are of school age.

Other occupations could require a sizable quantity of teaching.

In the majority of nations, paid, qualified teachers typically conduct formal instruction of students.

In a formal education setting, such as a school or other setting for beginning formal education or training, the focus of this article is on individuals who are employed primarily to educate others.

Teachers may instruct students in reading and numeracy, arts, religion, civics, community service, vocational training, crafts, or life skills.

Formal teaching responsibilities include planning lessons in accordance with established curricula, delivering lessons, and gauging student progress.

The responsibilities of a teacher may go beyond the purview of formal instruction. Outside of the classroom, instructors may oversee study halls, go on field trips with students, assist in planning school events, and be in charge of extracurricular activities.

In some educational systems, teachers may be in charge of maintaining order among the students.

It is the responsibility of a teacher to decide what practices to use in order to achieve a variety of goals with and for the students in their classes.

It is the responsibility of a teacher to decide how to support students’ learning in the contexts in which they teach.

Things have changed since the days were in teachers were old and scary, nowadays younger and beautiful teachers are taking the space, and this leaves some parents uncomfortable on who teaches their children, like this one teacher in the united states who parents wants to be fired because of her “voluptuous body”, this caused a stir on social media

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