Don’t Talk About Me If You’re Not Rich – Shatta Wale warns Pundits

Shatta Wale has taken a lot of potshots at industry insiders, particularly the panelists from United Showbiz.

The SM chief castigated media figures on Instagram, particularly Sally Mann, who enjoys offering ‘harsh’ criticism.

People have recently questioned whether Sally and Shatta still had unresolved issues because of the way she has continually criticized Shatta.

Reiterating his position on the matter, Shatta has stated that from this point on, no discussion about him should be made in the media.

He emphasized that only successful and wealthy people should be allowed to discuss or criticize him.

“Sally Mann thinks all men are wicked, but men are not wicked, She has been used by men that’s why she thinks that way. All those people on that UTV. apart from A-plus, they don’t have sense. They shouldn’t be brought on that show, they are not even rich, if you are not a rich man you can’t talk about me.

“Only Despite can do that. Sally Mann doesn’t have money or dreams, she lacks sex, and that’s why she’s a man-hater. They are all pained by poverty” he said

He continued by saying that he doesn’t disrespect anyone and only responds to those who do.

“When I am on the streets, no one ever tells me I’ve disrespected anyone, I don’t disrespect anybody. But you people are always on the radio and TV disrespecting me. What did you do before I insulted you? What did you do? You can’t answer, but if I insult you, you will echo it everywhere” He added.

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