Don’t Talk Ill About Me If You Don’t Know Me – Nana Ama McBrown Sadly Tells Sally Mann

Nana Ama McBrown has used social media to display the scars from operations and her 2003 injury on her arm.

The Ghanaian actress, who also works as a TV host, made the decision to display her scars during a TikTok live to serve as a reminder to her supporters and detractors of the anguish she had endured.

You could see in the video that she had a serious wound that had been sewn up from her armpit to her elbow. That area of her arm was separated by a big scar, which also left a black spot on her pale skin.

During a TikTok live session, she engaged with her audience and begged those who were circulating rumors about her to stop. The actress asserts that keeping quiet would be in the best interests of those who are unaware of her or her suffering.

“Don’t talk about me if you don’t know who I am. You’ll appreciate my splendor if you share my suffering. Don’t discuss someone else’s suffering if you are unaware of it. Don’t do that (shows scars to the camera). But as you can see, I have no control over it, she reportedly stated,

The mother of one acknowledged that she is imperfect but emphasized that she is actively working to improve with each passing day.

“Just move and leave everything to God. You will fall because you are human. I am not perfect right now, but the Bible says that even though we all fall short in God’s eyes, he continually shows his love for us. Change a little bit for the better every day, she said.

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