Examine Yourself And You’ll Realise You’ve Hurt Yvonne Nelson – Counsellor Adofoli To Sarkodie

Counsellor Frank Edem Adofoli has urged rapper Sarkodie to endeavour to understand that Yvonne Nelson is only suffering from the bitter love affair they had some thirteen years ago when they were younger.

Mr Adofoli explained that rather than see Yvonne Nelson as an enemy seeking to destroy him by her revelations regarding their love affair that resulted in her aborting a pregnancy, he should realize that she may not necessarily be interested in seeing his downfall but may just be hurting over their affair.

He argued that when Sarkodie comes to the realization that Yvonne Nelson is hurting as a result of that relationship, he will be able to properly situate her revelations in her recently released book and show her compassion.

“Look deep inside yourself, examine your anger, and you will realize that the woman you see as your ‘enemy’ is also suffering because of an affair that went wrong some years back when you both were younger

Once you understand this, you will have the capacity to ignore the ‘noise’ and have compassion for her. People may forget the one who made them laugh but not the one who made them cry,” he advised.

He insisted that a show of compassion by Sarkodie would be better than his harsh reply to the revelations.

In conclusion, “The shouts of an angry king are like a roaring lion, but his kind words are like a gentle rain falling softly on the grass” – Proverbs 19:12 (ERV)” he added.

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