From Primary School Teacher To Lovers’ – Lady Brags About Dating Her Former Student

In a TikTok video, the lady who identifies herself as @_blackbird_01 bragged about the alleged love relationship, saying: “I groomed him and watch him grow.”

From primary school teacher to lovers,” she captioned one of the photos which she compiled into a video and then thanked God for making their union a reality.

Her post has sparked mixed reactions, with some users of the platform raising doubts about the veracity of her claim, saying the boy she is seen flaunting and exchanging kisses with must be her brother and not her lover.

Meanwhile, others have expressed disbelief that a teacher would shamelessly enter into a romantic relationship with a pupil she had taught in a primary school.

But @_blackbird_01 who could not hold back her displeasure about what she thought was hypocrisy on the part of the people who were bashing her returned to respond to the reactions, saying: “People be out here hating like it’s a new thing. I am happy I did and yes, no regrets.”

The young man who appears to be too young to be in a romantic relationship let alone with his former teacher is seen kissing her on the cheek in the video. The video contains photos of the two alleged lovers from the time the boy was little up to his current stage

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Credit; Pulse Ghana

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