Funny Face And I Still Share A Strong Connection – Funny Face Baby Mama Vanessa Nicole Reveals

Funny Face’s baby mama, Vanessa Nicole, is continuing to address the criticism she faced in the aftermath of her interview with Kwaku Manu.

The interview sparked controversy as Vanessa hinted at a possible reunion with the father of her children, Funny Face. However, netizens expressed concern, suggesting that this might negatively impact Funny Face’s ongoing mental health recovery.

Responding to the overwhelming backlash she received online, Vanessa decided to share her thoughts in a live Instagram video.

With a visibly frustrated demeanor, she expressed her disappointment in those who criticized her decision, labeling them as unwise and ignorant. Vanessa firmly believed that she and Funny Face shared a strong bond that could not be broken by outsiders.

Asserting her position, Vanessa emphasized that her relationship with Funny Face went beyond what people knew. She pointed out that they were parents to three children, a fact that held significant weight in her decision-making process.

Vanessa argued that any rational person would understand her desire to reconcile with the father of her children, especially considering the special connection they shared.

“I am not a hypocrite,” Vanessa passionately declared during her live video. “Nana Yaw did not accuse me of harming him anywhere. I am not foolish; I am a mother. Most of you won’t comprehend my situation. Between Nana Yaw and myself, we faced challenges, and people failed to understand the context of the interview.

But let me make one thing clear. We have three beautiful children together—three solid kids! No one in their right mind would condemn my decision to want to reconcile with him. There is a significant difference between a man you date and a man you have children with, let alone twins and our youngest, Tawiah.”

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