Nana Ama trends after she accidentally confesses to cheating on her husband on live radio during Val’s Day prank call by Citi FM [Full Audio]

A Ghanaian woman named Nana Ama accidentally exposed her extra-marital affair live on air when she was contacted by a radio station during a prank call.

Apparently, the husband of the unfaithful woman reached out to Accra-based Citi FM to test her loyalty under the guise that her sweetheart wanted to surprise her with a beautiful gift for Valentine’s Day.

The only way to secure the package was for her to guess or mention correctly the sender’s name, but Nana Ama shockingly goofed on live radio.

When she got the call, Nana Ama who is married to Nii Armah initially guessed that the gift might be coming from a gentleman called Daniel.

She went on to admit that she had a short sexual relationship with Daniel, which was a ‘one-time thing’, and did not expect a gift from him anyway.

But unknown to Nana Ama, her husband had given Citi FM her number for her to be pranked on live radio.

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