Hajia4Reall Snubs Actress Kalsoume Sinare at Anne Sophie Ave’s Send Off Party

Hajia4Reall went to Anne Sophie Ave’s sendoff party, saw Kalsoume Sinare, and decided not to snub her. At least, that’s what a fan insinuates.

Perhaps a bit mischievous, but a trending new video on social media shows Hajia4Reall avoiding exchanging pleasantries with Kalsoume.

A closer analysis of the video proves that Kalsoume was busily chatting with someone else just about when Hajia4Reall passed her.

To avoid being rude, a wave or a soft touch could have stopped how bad the video looked.

However, the possibility of the pair not being close enough to force them to have a tete-a-tete isn’t farfetched.

Regardless, it is also not impossible to interrupt the actress’s business for a few seconds to acknowledge her.

Check out the video below.

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