I Don’t Have A Child And I Never Want To Have One – 39-Year-Old Sister Derby Reveals

Sister Derby who celebrated her 39th birthday a few days ago revealed that she takes care of a lot of children but she doesn’t want one.

This comes after a fan quizzed her if she has a child especially looking at how young she looks despite her age.

Earlier this year, Sister Derby who has experienced multiple failed relationships said she wasn’t eager for marriage.

Sister Derby’s failed relationships are known to the public. She said she does not keep her relationship affair from the public.

In an interview on Ameyaw TV, she indicated that she is content with her current relationship adding that she is not desperate for marriage.

“I am not desperate for marriage at all. If I don’t get married or have children, I am still happy and fine with myself. I don’t feel like it is the end of the world because of it, I have always been independent.

“I’m not rushing for marriage. Will it bring me 5 million dollars?” she asked.

Derby also advised young women to be self-assured and not give in to social pressures to marry and end up in abusive marriages. She explained why she always flaunts her new boyfriend in public.

She said she does not see the point in hiding him if he is serious and makes her comfortable.

“I am the kind of person that likes to be free and not stressed. Hiding, pretending, and calculating are very stressful to me. But if I am comfortable and the person is showing signs of seriousness why should I be hiding? Why should I care about society? everybody goes through relationships and breakups.

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“The truth is if you’re comfortable with someone and enjoy their company then you want to be around them all the time. My partner enjoys my company and so do I,” she stressed.

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