I wanted to marry at age 21 – Sista Afia reveals

Sista Afia has stated that she may not get married because marriage is no longer as desirable as it once was.

The Sista Afia asserts that there are numerous perspectives on life and that marriage is not the most important factor.

The Jeje hitmaker in an interview with Doreen Avio on Daybreak Hitz said, “I don’t see life to be all about marriage and having kids. Life is a beautiful thing and it has a lot of angles.”

She added, “If I don’t get married, it doesn’t mean I wouldn’t do better in life. Marriage doesn’t define me,” she said on Hitz FM.

The singer also revealed that she had a childhood ambition of getting married and starting a family at a young age.

“I was a young girl and I remember telling myself that I would get married at the age of 21; I’d have twins at the age of 24, and another set of twins later.”

“I was very young and I was very naïve and I didn’t know much about marriage and life, but now I do I’m not in a rush.”

“It’s my dream to have a kid, but if I don’t even get married, it’s fine but for a kid it’s something I would want to have.”

She concluded, “Married people these days… it is crazy. Considering this generation… Because we have social media, people do not see the importance of so many things anymore.”

The Sika hitmaker concluded by saying, “If you’re a woman, whatever you want to do, be it marriage, you can go ahead and do it, but for me, I’m just being me and I don’t regard marriage.”

She then advised women to do what was good for them and that societal pressures should not influence their stance on marriage.

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