I’m Well To Do, I Don’t need Funny Face’s Money – Vanessa Nicole Tells Critics

The baby mama of Funny Face, Vanessa Nicole has lambasted social media users who are labelling her as a gold digger.

Vanessa, who dramatically broke up with the Ghanaian comic actor, recently expressed her interest in fixing things with Funny Face. The comment sparked a backlash as some fans believe she is only interested in his money.

According to Vanessa, she has businesses that accrue profits at the end of the month, hence, her reason to reconcile with Funny Face is not about money.

I am not suffering. I am okay and well-to-do. At the end of the month, my farm gives me money. I have a farm that brings me money. My shop brings me money. My side hustle,” like shooting movies also brings me money. I have a beautiful life,” she said.

During a TikTok live video, she added that “I have kids who love me and I have a mother who will go all out for me. In this life, if you want to count those God has blessed, I am one of them. I don’t have a problem so don’t compare yourself to me. I don’t beg to eat. I am very comfortable”.

Proving that she is well-to-do, she emphasized that “I take care of four children, four girls, so, if you’re on social media telling me that I want to come back because I am suffering, then you’re stupid”.

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