Is Your Mother A Dabodabo? – Aplus Fires Yvonne Nelson For Asking Sarkodie To Respect Women When She Publicly Humiliated Her Mother

Kwame Aplus has bashed Yvonne Nelson again over her issues with Sarkodie. Yvonne Nelson accused Sarkodie of abandoning her after she got pregnant for him.

Yvonne Nelson says Sark should respect womanhood when she first disrespected and humiliate the woman who carried her for 9 months. Herh is your mother not a woman? Anaa she is a dabodabo? One book one Rap! #1B1R 😂 If you write 10 books Sark will release 10 songs. You think you are the only one who likes money and “fans” abi? Madam keep quiet and let’s all cash out!! Kings Sark, the brotherhood is proud of you!”

Yvonne Nelson has been exposed in a lie after Sarkodie dropped a track to explain his side of the story.

Ever since she released her memoir, Yvonne Nelson has been causing a series of havoc on social media. She explained how Sarkodie impregnated her and told her to abort the child.

But explaining his side of the story in a rap song, Sarkodie revealed how he asked Yvonne to keep the pregnancy but she refused.

According to Sarkodie, when Yvonne told him that she was pregnant, he wasn’t ready but he asked her to keep the baby.

But Yvonne told him she was in school and not ready to have a baby. To counter it, Yvonne took to Twitter to claim that she completed school before getting pregnant.

But Yvonne has been called out on her lies after some Twitter users exposed her in her book where she claimed she was banned from acting because she was pregnant. She also said in her book that she was in her final year.

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