Majid Michel Jokingly Reveals He Wants To Have Babies With Jackie Appiah

Majid Michel was in a good mood and praised Jackie, saying how beautiful she was. When Majid told Jackie that he wanted to have children with her, she was shocked. This made the actress laugh out loud.

Jackie Appiah, a Ghanaian actress, went out with Majid Michel, Zimran Clottey, Adjetey Anang, and others who have been in movies for a long time.

The beautiful movie stars went to East Legon to stay at a nice hotel called the Sonia Hotel. Jackie Appiah is no longer with Majid Michel.

Jackie and her friends ate lunch there and made videos with each other. In one of the videos, Jackie and Majid talked about funny things while they stood outside.

Majid Michel couldn’t get over how pretty Jackie was, so he said nice things to her all the time.

He told Jackie that she was beautiful and that he wanted to have kids with her. Jackie was shocked and laughed out loud. Majid said this in a lighthearted way to show how close they were.

They have been friends for a long time and have known each other since they were both in the hit show Things We Do For Love in 2003.

Majid and Jackie were also cast in the legendary TV series, as were Zimran Clottey and Adjetey Anang.

Most of the people who were in Things We Do for Love have gone on to have successful careers and have stayed in touch with each other. The Ghanaian film stars seem to get closer to each other over time.

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