Mercy Johnson Finally Opens Up About’ My Encounter & Why I Stopped Acting in Romantic Movies

Mercy Johnson, one of Nigeria’s most beloved actresses, recently opened up about why she stopped acting in romantic movies.

In an interview, Johnson revealed that she had a traumatic experience that made her re-evaluate her career path.

Johnson described her encounter as a “very difficult time”. She said that she was asked to act in a romantic scene with a male actor who made her feel uncomfortable.

Johnson said that the actor made inappropriate comments and gestures that made her feel violated. She said that she felt powerless and scared, and that she was unable to speak up for herself.

After the incident, Johnson decided to stop acting in romantic movies. She said that it was a difficult decision, but one that she felt was necessary for her mental health and safety.

Johnson said that she now only takes on roles that she is comfortable with, and that she is more selective about the projects she chooses.

She hopes that her story will help others in similar situations to speak up and take control of their own careers.

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