My Ex Boyfriend Married Another Woman While We Were Still Dating – Sista Afia Reveals

Sista Afia has opened up about a betrayal from an ex-boyfriend which has shaped her mindset on relationships

During an interview on Adom TV’s Okukuseku show with Emelia Brobbey, musician Sista Afia opened up about a painful betrayal she experienced in a past relationship, which profoundly impacted her perception of love.

Sista Afia revealed that, at the time, she had wanted to embrace the excitement and passion of youth, leading her to enter a relationship with someone who turned out to be the wrong person for her.

She acknowledged that one of the initial warning signs was her partner having a child with another woman. However, despite this red flag, she admitted to being blinded by love and deciding to continue the relationship.

The devastating blow came when she discovered that her partner had gotten married to another woman while they were still together. The realization shattered her belief in the unconditional love she thought they shared.

Although Sista Afia chose to keep some details private, she admitted to being deeply affected by the heartlessness she witnessed, especially since she never expected such behavior from someone she had been with for many years.

Sista Afia expressed that her ex-partner failed to recognize her worth, perhaps due to the uncertainty surrounding her future at the time. She added, “Where I am now, I doubt he ever saw me getting here.”

She admonished women to be prepared for everything and be strong so that when the worst happens, they can move on with their lives with their heads high and not brood over the past.

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