Netizens React As Hajia Bintu Joins Bhadie Kelly Challenge On TikTok

Ghanaian internet sensation popularly known as Hajia Bintu, has joined in the TikTok challenge started by Togolese internet sensation, Bhadie Kelly.

In the video sighted by she is seen dancing to the same song that Kelly went viral with on social media.

She wore a pair of floral silk trousers with a white shirt that was open in-between her cleavage and connected with two strings.

In the video she mimics similar dance moves like that of Kelly. Towards the end of the video, she turned her back and jiggled her behind as she walked away

She captioned the post:

Please you people shouldn’t kill me here With people comparing Bhadie Kelly to slay queens in their various countries, Hajia Binti has issued a word of caution to critics not to troll her.

People react to Hajia Bintu dance moves;
Ghanani: Bintu you can’t do it like Kelly. We still like Kelly. You’re our Ex now
Mohamed Balla Diop: You’re so georgeous and perfect I adore you @bintu_hajia ❤
WEALTH LEXUS ❤️‍ So now this is kelly pro max
user6088506872372: You’ve already won our hearts since but, we have a new girl on the block now
Allo Danny❤️: They are coming for you young LM: try your luck another time, Kelly own my heart ❤️
Carl Gideon Prempeh: Trouble don come Hajia
Lhamar Sketches: We’ve already gone for kelly bhadie
Akapelaman: thnx for the commercial break, guys lets go back to kelly
mk: Nah,you had the opportunity from the start to be the current Kelly but you keep hiding it for us..So it’s Kelly all the way
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