Checkout Some Fantastic Ghanaian Foods That You Cannot Escape Eating

1. Kenkey

Like banku, kenkey is made from fermented corn and is a staple dish of the people of the southernmost part of Ghana: the Gas and the Fantes. Both of these ethnic groups have their variation of this dish, named after them.

Ga kenkey is wrapped and boiled in discarded but clean corn husks, while Fante kenkey is wrapped in plantain leaves. Each of these wraps also lends a distinct flavor to the kenkey.

2. Gobe

I will be doing a great disservice to my country if I do not mention gobe! This dish is part of the reason why Accra, the capital city of Ghana, has very bad morning traffic jams. Everyone has a special place they visit to get their morning fix of gobe.

Gobe has many names, including your ke gari, bober, and even red-red. In essence, it is a simple dish of gari (cassava flakes) and beans. It is an affordable dish and served by a wide array of different street vendors and restaurants.

3. Waakye

If you are looking for a quick-to-go meal on the streets of Accra, then waakye is your go-to choice.

Waakye is a dish of cooked rice and beans, commonly black-eyed beans and red-dried sorghum, which give the dish its authentic color

No party in Ghana is complete without Jollof. As one of the most popular rice-based dishes in West Africa, Jollof is usually served with fried or grilled chicken, pork or goat meat, fried plantain, and a generous helping of coleslaw.

The ultimate one-pot dish, jollof rice is made with any long-grain rice, such as jasmine or basmati rice, and a spiced, stew-like sauce of tomatoes, onions, and any meat

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5. Fried Yam/Yam Chips

One of the country’s must-try on-the-go foods, fried yams or yam chips packs quite the flavorful punch.

Popularly sold by street vendors, yam chips can be both thinly cut or thick, depending on preference, and are fried in hot oilGhanaian food is simple, pure cooking, utilizing the resources you have at your disposal. It takes the freshest ingredients from the earth and melds the different flavors and textures together into dishes that fuel the body and make the soul smile at the same time.

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