TikTok Is Ruining The Music Industry – Sefa Reveals

Black Avenue Muzik signee, Sefa has stated boldly that the Chinese-based video-sharing app TikTok is ruining the Ghanaian music business.

According to the Ghanaian singer, the app has also been diverting attention away from certain inferior tunes and toward more mainstream music.

The singer of “E Choke,” who has benefited from TikTok advertisements and material, claims that most Ghanaians no longer value decent music. She explains that the majority of fans only purchase tracks these days if they include a dance or TikTok challenge.

Now, if you make music and you don’t add a challenge to it, or some sort of dance, or some vibe to it, everybody thinks that that means you are not doing music. This is not right. I think that Tiktok is killing the whole music industry right now,” Sefa said.

Speaking on Ultimate 106.9FM, she continued that “if you look at the music industry now, you don’t really hear the kind of quality music we used to hear before. We’re not feeling the type of vibe we used to have before…. This is because everybody thinks that if it doesn’t trend on TikTok, it is not music and that doesn’t make sense.”

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