Top 5 Most Beautiful Female Artists In Ghana (2022)

Ghana has great talents in the music industry. There are many popular musicians in Ghana.

But in a country where the music industry is highly dominated by male singers, be sure to know that we have some female singers who are on top of their game.

Their beauty will leave you in utter dismay. Let me bring to you five of the most beautiful female artist in the Ghana Music Industry.


First on the list is Ghana’s song Bird Gyakie. Gyakie the daughter of Nana Acheampong has risen to fame and is popular all around the world.

She has released popular songs such as Never Like This, Something. Her music is a unique blend of Afro-Pop and Afrobeat.

Her beauty is one to be admired and always leaves people in awe of her dress and the way she carries herself around.


Next, is MzVee. The lady whose beauty is all-natural. She does Afropop and Dance Hall. Come and see my mother, Natural girl are some of her popular songs.

She is indeed an epitome of beauty and an elegant lady. She made it known that she likes to keep things natural when it comes to her body and we love it.

Cina Soul

The ever-loving Cina Soul is also among the most beautiful female artist in Ghana.

Her popular songs include Die for you and Say You Love me. Her marvelous musical talent is accompanied by her beautiful looks.


Another beautiful female artist in Ghana is the ever-lovely Sefa. Echoke and Fever are among her popular songs. She is really beautiful and extremely hardworking. Her beauty is one to be known and as such this list wouldn’t be complete without her.


Adina is also another beautiful female singer in the country. Her voice is one to kill for.

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Topple this with her beauty and she is an amazing singer.

Making, Runaway is some of her popular songs. Her stylish nature really brings out her beauty.

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