Twene Jonas Biography: Real Age, Kids, Wife, Cars, Houses, Net Worth

If there’s one thing celebrities are good at, it’s controversy and scandal. They make headlines for all the wrong reasons; sex tapes, famous feuds, heartache and run-ins with the law.

While these might occur involuntarily to some people, others choose it willingly.

One of the most controversial Ghanaian social commentators, Twene Jonas, lashes out at all Ghanaian leaders for failing to develop Ghana.

Twene Jonas is not a new name in the Ghanaian social media streets. He is known for frequenting the headlines for both good and bad reasons.

He is a Ghanaian social commentator, movie producer, artist manager, activist and director based in the USA. He thrives on trolling his home country, its people and the leadership.

He is also the CEO of Royal Jonas Film Label.

Twene Jonas’ biography Twene was born on 16th June 1991 in Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana. How old is Jonas? The Ghanaian social commentator is 30 years old as of 2022.

His parents are Awura Ama Akye and Agya Frank Twene. Both are from Kumasi, Ashanti Region, Ghana. Career.

Twene is a professional film director and Royal Jonas Film Label CEO. Between 2016 and 2017, the company produced between 25 and 30 Kumawood movies. Some of the company’s most popular films are:

Anibr3 Nti parts 1&2 Abato) Mu Nsem parts 1,2&3 Oman Panyin Saman DOMINUS’ Seasons The Walking Zombies Season 1 Apart from films, his label also manages several artists such as SayDaDon and Ron Suno. In addition to filmmaking, he is a renowned social activist.

He has consistently criticised Ghanaian and African leaders for their weak leadership capabilities. He rose to fame after most of his video clips went viral on different social media platforms.

In one of his viral videos, he praised the American leaders for their great leadership. But on the other hand, he denigrated Ghanaian leaders for squandering ordinary taxpayers’ money.

Over the years, the commentator has trended various hashtags to call out bad leadership in his home country. Twene Jonas’ videos bear some of the following hashtags: #Didi Free #Glass Nkoaa #24/7 The System is Working #Eat freely Apart from his trolls on social media, Jonas has a music career with a few known songs in his name.

Who is Twene Jonas dating? It is alleged that he is dating a white lady. In one of his videos, the YouTuber claimed that he was dating a white American lady and even shared a photo of them together.

However, he did not offer any personal details about the lady.

In addition, he revealed that the white lady’s father took him to the United States and offered him shelter on arrival. However, he has not provided any information about his past dating history.

What is Twene Jonas’ net worth? He is allegedly worth more than $5 million as of 2022. He has managed to live a fancy lifestyle from his huge net worth, as seen in his house and the expensive cars he drives.

Even though he has not offered details about his house, some of Twene Jonas’ cars include: A Lamborghini A Ranger Rover A Tesla A Bentley.

The YouTube content creator also owns a couple of other cars. He uses some of these cars to offer uber services.

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