What Does It Mean To Wear An Anklet On Your Ankle?

Wearing beads or anklets on the ankle has been a traditional practice throughout the world since the creation of mankind. It is been talked about as part of dressing decor in Isaiah 3:16-24 . Culturally, beads are worn on the ankles on different occasions and even we put on babies.

Although it seems good to some people, others don’t like it and have negative perception about people who wear them. This article seeks to clarify why people choose to wear anklets or beads.

What Does It Mean To Wear An Anklet On Your Right Ankle?

To some, wearing an anklet on your right ankle could signify that you are in an exclusive relationship. It will also tell those looking at it that you’re happy in your relationship and are not interested in being approached by others interested in intimate relations.

The Meaning of Wearing Anklet on the Right Ankle When someone wears an anklet on their right foot, it means they are single and have no lover. It should be noted here that if a married person puts it on their right foot, it means that they are open to having extramarital affairs.

What Does It Mean To Wear An Anklet On Your Left Ankle?

As you might have been able to guess, as opposition to wearing an anklet on your right ankle, wearing an anklet on your left ankle will tell people that you’re single and totally down to mingle. However, wearing specific types of anklets can tell interested parties even more about you

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Wearing an anklet with hearts charms on your left ankle can tell people that you’re interested in dating and maybe not so interested in an immediate intimate relationship.

Be cautious, though, because sometimes people will take this to mean that you are married and interested in an open relationship.

Most cultures believe that an ankle bracelet worn on the left foot is a charm or talisman. Such anklets were used as amulets to protect the wearer from diseases and bad omens. They were used as a form of protection.

Modern View On Wearing Anklets

Its about choices. some people admire it and others don’t. However, let us learn to know when to wear them to what places because at the end of the day will be addressed by the way you dress.

Just like it is okay to be seen in a bikini at the pool or beach because it merits that occasion but if you wear it walking about in town, thats another thing.

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