5 Places You Should Touch A Woman To Make Her Feel Loved

Touch is one of the most basic means of showing affection. Research has also revealed that casual intimate touching offers numerous health benefits, such as; lower heart rate, decreased blood pressure, and reduced stress levels.

If you want to show a lady that you are attracted to her, touching is the best way to do it.

In this article, we will be looking at 5 places you should touch a woman to make her feel loved.

1. Her neck

The neck is a tested and valid erogenous zone, so you’ll certainly want to show it some love. Kissing a girl is incredible, but when kissing gets too long, it could be tiring. You can initiate some variety, and make her go crazy by planting some soft, gentle kisses on her neck.

2. Her back

Touches on the upper back generally convey support or comfort. Women will define a touch on the lower back as being more sexual. If you want to comfort her, it’s better to stick to the upper back.

3. Her legs

Women spend a lot of time on their legs. Whether it’s lotioning, shaving, or toning, they work hard to pull off a nice pair of legs. You can appreciate all this effort by making it a point to admire a girl’s legs. Touch them, and don’t forget to comment on their curves and tone.

4. Her hands

Over time, touching hands with another person has been a way to show different types of intimacy. In ancient Greece, people shook hands together as proof that they were unarmed and could be trusted not to attack. When you hold a girl’s hand in public, it shows that you’re not afraid to publicize your affection to the world.

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5. Her stomach

Not all women want their stomachs to be touched, but some women like it when you take your time and do it correctly. The lower belly and belly button areas are hot erogenous zones for many people.

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